About Us

The mission behind our brand is to hold you accountable for your health. What do I mean by that?… I’ve been in the fitness industry for well over a decade, I’ve seen so many clients and friends, and even myself blame outside circumstances on why we are all unhealthy. There are many tools that we can use to improve our health and our bodies. We always want to offer any and all of the products that you can use to be your peak physical self!

When I first started my fitness journey I lost 100 pounds. I was on top of the world when that weight came off! I had struggled with confidence my entire life but now I finally had it! I knew immediately that this was my mission, this newfound joy I felt, I had to spread that joy.

I have tried many fad diets and I have counted the calories and I believe I have tried everything but I have learned this is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. I have always told my clients, family, and friends,” It is more important to put healthy things into your body than to keep unhealthy things out.” Everyone slips up and takes that bite of cake every now and then, but do you take your multivitamins every day to know you are getting all the nutrients your body needs?

The fitness industry is competitive and I know there are so many brands and so many trainers and so on but I love this field. The first certification I ever obtained was my personal trainer certification. Since that certification, I went back to school and got 182 more certifications in the health fitness field.

I need to explain why supplements are good. I think of the body oftentimes like a car. A car can’t roll itself down the road. It needs wheels, an engine, oil, keys, etc… The body needs help getting down its road too. You may feel great for a while but I think we all wake up sometimes feeling like we need a tune-up. That’s where supplements come in. Supplements are things our body needs to run at peak performance, to either win that race or simply get us to work, it needs all the tools we can give it to carry us through this life. Unlike a car, we can’t trade our bodies in so I’m urging you to treat your body right, and try some tools to help it run at peak performance…it’s the only car, I mean body, you will ever get.